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Regina High School is very proud of its athletic tradition and accomplishments throughout the Catholic League and the State. 

Regina High School's outstanding athletic program offers girls many opportunities to participate in competitive sports. In addition to the development of physical skills, organized sports teach students important lessons about teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and good sportsmanship.

Over 150 of our students participate annually in at least one competitive sport. Each season provides us with great hopes and expectations. This is truly an indication of our school spirit. We strive to attain excellence in athletics, just as we do in academics. The excitement of our athletic accomplishments is noticeable throughout the school.  We are proud of the sportsmanship and class shown by all our teams. We have built a strong 'Saddlelite' tradition that we hope to continue for many years to come.

Classification for the participation of interscholastic sports is based on enrollment. Regina High School is classified as a Class B school. The Interscholastic Program provides students the opportunity to participate in competitive sports with some of the largest school systems as well as those of comparable enrollment in the State of Michigan. The athletic program operates under the limitations of available facilities, funds, and the regulations of the Archdiocesan Catholic League and the Michigan High School's Athletic Association.

School spirit is shown in courtesy, pride, and sportsmanship whether at home or away. Loyal students support their school, their teams, their teachers, and peers and do their utmost to keep their academic and activity standards at the highest possible level. Students with spirit have pride in their school and they leave after four years carrying away great memories that last a lifetime!

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