Lunch Menu and QuikLunch


Add funds to your QuikLunch account using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

Enter the ID # and name of the student for whom you are making a Regina High School QuikLunch Payment below, along with the amount of credit that you'd like to purchase at this time.

  • QuikLunch payments of $100 or more will receive a 5% QuikLunch Bonus (ie, a $100 payment = $105 worth of QuikLunch Funds).
  • Transactions processed by 9:00 am will be added to the account by 11:30 am. Transactions processed after 9:00 am will be added to the account for the next business day.


QuikLunch Account System Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Q. Why did Regina decide to install a Point-of-Sale System (QuikLunch) in its cafeteria?

A. Our lunch period is relatively short and we want to get the girls through the line as quickly as possible.

The system is very convenient since students do not need to ask mom and dad for lunch money every day. We also want to be able to track our sales and limit the amount of cash being handled by the kitchen staff. We like the idea of being able to print you a report upon your request, of what your daughter is buying in the cafeteria and the balance on her account.

2. Q. How do I open a QuikLunch account for my daughter and make payments to Regina High School?

A. Mail or drop off your payment of $30 or more in the form of a personal check (made payable to Regina High School), cash, or money order. Please include your daughter’s name and grade on the check or envelope. If the payment is received before 9:00 a.m., it is posted to her account the same day it is received. If you pay $100 or more at any one time, you receive a 5% bonus on your account (i.e. a $100 payment earns you $105 in food dollars).

3. Q. What happens if my daughter uses all her money on the account and still wants to buy lunch?

A. If your daughter comes through the lunch line and finds out she does not have enough on her account that day for lunch, the system allows the account balance to go to negative $10. The cashier informs your daughter that the account has gone negative and that she should remind her parents to send in more money for future lunches. Students' accounts may not have a negative balance at the end of the school year.  A date is published by which accounts can no longer go negative and minus balances must be paid.  Positive QuikLunch balances are transferred to the upcoming year for returning students

4. Q. What happens to any QuikLunch dollars that are still on my account at the end of the school year?

A. The balance on your account is transferred to the next year’s lunch account. If your daughter graduates, or does not return to Regina High School, the amount of any remaining balance is refunded to you by July 31 of each year.

5. Q. How is my daughter identified when she comes to the cashier in the cafeteria line?

A. The PIN provided to your daughter at the beginning of the year is her personal identification number that should not be shared with anyone. The PIN is entered by your daughter as she comes through the line. When she enters the PIN, her picture appears on the cashier’s screen. If the person using the PIN does not match the picture on the screen, the cashier asks for identification. The QuikLunch PIN is also encrypted on the school ID card and the ID card can be swiped at our cashier if she has her ID available. It is very important that your daughter memorize her PIN and not share it with her friends.

6. Q. How do I receive the statement of activity on my daughter’s account?

A. At the end of each semester, a summary of all activity for the semester can be provided. Please contact the Business Office and we will be glad to mail or email you a statement. The statement shows the food purchased each day, the price of each item, and the balance on the QuikLunch account.

7. Q. Can the QuiKLunch account be used for the school’s vending machines?

A. No. The vending machines in our school are contracted from an outside company and they are not equipped to take QuikLunch dollars.