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Alumnae Spotlight


Our alumnae are our legacy. We are so proud of the women of faith and vision that they have become. Read this page to find out more about our Regina graduates and where they are today!

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Renee Cholyway, MD

Regina Class of: 2009

What you were involved in at Regina:  Cross Country, Track, Band, Drama Club (also involved in drama at U of D and De La Salle), National Honors Society, Eucharistic Minister, Powderpuff 

Higher education history:  - University of St. Francis: graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Biology and Minors in Chemistry and Visual Arts. Duns Scotus Honor Society. Supplemental Instructor for Human Anatomy. Athletic scholarship for NAIA cross country, indoor and outdoor track, competed on the national level.

- Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine: graduated in the top quartile with an MD and matched into General Surgery residency. Ran the Boston Marathon, Bayshore Marathon, and Detroit Marathon.

What you’re doing now:  - General surgery training at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA

- Focusing two additional years of training to study ischemic damage in cardiac transplantation from donation after circulatory death

- Currently applying for a masters program in Clinical Translational Science, with future plans for fellowship training, then later a masters in Medical Illustration

- Loving life with my supportive husband and training for my next marathon

How Regina helped you to get there: - Writing skills gained at Regina were instrumental in reaching the next steps in my career; writing a solid personal statement and concisely yet clearly describing a research goal is invaluable.  

- Drama Club transformed me into a woman of fearless self-expression, empowering me to comfortably present in front of large audiences for conferences.

- Friendships made at Regina last a lifetime.  Those girls are my go-to when I have been defeated by a rough day.  They are my confidence boost when I have self-doubt.  They are my source of welcoming hugs and laughs regardless of how much time has passed.  They also made the most beautiful bridesmaids at my wedding.

- Running at Regina developed diligence and time-management skills to train for long-term goals.  Coach Gregg Golden made the calls to secure the scholarship for me to continue running in college.  He encouraged me to race marathons and taught me to persevere against the odds.  He was asked to walk me down the aisle at my wedding in place of my father who suddenly died from a heart attack in 2018, and I know my dad would have approved.

Favorite Regina memory: There are too many favorite memories, but one of the best was staying up all night drinking way too much Mountain Dew and jumping on mountains of stacked inflatable mattresses...while working on an AP biology project.



Pamela Jones

Regina Class of: 2001

What you were involved in at Regina: NHS, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, DLS Play, Powderpuff

Higher education history: BA Communication Arts & Sciences, Specialization in Public Relations from Michigan State University

What you’re doing now: I am currently the Director of Alumni Engagement for the Michigan State University Alumni Office.  In this role, I work to inspire and empower Spartans to engage in a lifelong relationship with MSU and each other.  We create opportunities for alumni to support students and the mission of a land-grant institution.  I get to meet alumni who are doing amazing work in their respective fields and learn about their passions and journey!  I love this work because it is highly collaborative in nature, requires innovation and creativity, and allows me to continually advocate for higher education, diversity and inclusion.

How Regina helped you to get there: I truly believe that education is the key to change, opportunity and breaking through barriers.  I was lucky enough to receive a well-rounded education at Regina.  My time at Regina instilled in me a strong work ethic and desire to learn, taught me the value of team, and empowered me to use my voice and set my foundation to become a strong female professional and leader. 

Favorite Regina memory: Volleyball and softball tournaments, and traveling internationally with Mrs. Biondo.



Monique (Hayes) Stanton

Regina Class of: 1999

What you were involved in at Regina:  Drama Club, Forensics, and National Honor Society

Higher education history:  Bachelor’s Degree – History & Communication from Aquinas College and MA in Social Justice from Marygrove

What you’re doing now:  I am the President and CEO of CARE of Southeastern Michigan.  CARE is nonprofit organization that serves over 40,000 people a year in southeast Michigan through prevention, parenting, substance use, mental health, and workplace programs.  It has been an incredible journey seeing how our services are able to improe the lives and communities of those that we serve. is external)

How Regina helped you to get there:  My education at Regina fostered my ability to think critically and creatively about issues facing our community and our world.  Both my experience in class and through the Drama Club taught me leadership skills that I use every day.  I made lifelong friends at Regina that continue to support me every day. 

Favorite Regina memory: Being in drama club and all of the many plays are some of my all-time favorite memories.  I also loved to going to Mackinac and staying at the Grand Hotel for the annual forensics competition.



Adrianne Lee 

Regina Class of:  2003

What you were involved in at Regina: National Honors Society

Higher education history:  Bachelor of Science from Madonna University. I currently attend the Michigan School of Psychology and am in a dual program working on my MA and BCBA (Behavioral Analyst degree).

What you’re doing now: Case Manager at Rainbow Rehabilitation Center, advocating and coordinating therapeutic services for children and young adults with traumatic brain injuries. Previously, I worked for the State of Michigan for 7 years as a Child Protective Services Investigator assisting children who were facing child abuse and/or neglect. In addition, I worked at Juvenile Drug Court and focused on substance abuse treatment. Lastly, I have implemented Behavioral Therapy for children with autism. 

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina helped foster my compassion for helping others and gave me the perseverance to succeed through any struggle. The instructors were very goal-oriented and encouraged all students to pursue their dreams.

Favorite Regina memory: My favorite Regina memories were the talent shows. It was amazing to see the hidden gifts that students had inside of them and we were unaware of. The support for each other during all of the performances was priceless.



Rachel (Schreiber) Ignagni 

Regina Class of:  2007

What you were involved in at Regina: Forensics, National Honors Society, PowderPuff, Yearbook Editor  

Higher education history: Bachelor of Arts from the University of Detroit Mercy (full ride academic scholarship) majoring in Social Studies Education with a minor in English Education.
Achieved professional secondary teaching certification and K-12 Administration degree;  Valedictorian candidate with G.P.A. of 3.96 graduated Summa Cum Laude; Invited for membership in Alpha Sigma Nu-The Honor Society of Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education; First Place Award for Women and Gender Studies Scholarly Essay; Invited to be representative for Presidential Ambassador’s Program University of Detroit Mercy; University of Detroit Mercy Dean’s Award in Recognition of Distinguished Academic Performance awarded freshman year and Dean’s Gold Key Award awarded sophomore, junior, and senior years at Honors Convocation Ceremonies; Past Michigan Promise Award Recipient; University of Detroit Mercy Spiritus Scholarship; Chrysler Foundation Scholarship; Maurice Oliver Foundation Scholarship; Clarence J. McLeod Award-presented to Liberal Arts and Education junior with highest grade point average; Fr. Malcom Carron, SJ Education Award-presented to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average in their program for seven terms.

Graduate School: Wayne State University Master’s of English Education 2014; Recipient of Wayne State University fellowship for 2013-2014 academic year; recipient of Wayne State University College of Education scholarship for 2014-2015 academic year.  Invited to join the Student Ambassador Program at Wayne State University.

What you’re doing now: Currently, I am completing coursework and beginning my qualifying exams work for my dissertation in Wayne State’s Doctoral Program in Curriculum & Instruction with a cognate area in K-12 Educational Leadership. I teach full-time at Fitzgerald Public Schools where I chair the School Improvement Committee, National Junior Honor Society, and am part of the district strategic planning committee.  For the past ten years, I have been in charter schools as a teacher, teacher leader, interventionist, Dean of Intervention, and last year served a dual role as a teacher leader and building administrator through a charter management company internship.  I had the pleasure to be appointed to Mayor Mike Duggan’s 11 member Community Education Commission where I represented the charter school organizations in creating a rating system of A-F for Detroit traditional public and charter schools.  I am also an appointed member of the Michigan Reading Journal Editorial Board.  

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina was by far the most challenging education I received in my career.  The academics were phenomenal but Regina really prepared me with a solid work ethic and desire to continue to grow, a lesson that still serves me well to this day and allows me to keep pushing toward the next goal.  Regina also taught me how to organize my writing, which now translates into my leadership roles as well as my PhD work.  The three biggest teachers who made an impact on me were: Mrs Robertson— who taught me how to organize my writing, and gave me the best life advice; she also taught me a fierce confidence, Ms Weinert— who showed me sometimes the quirkiest things we do as teachers are the lessons that stick with our students, who then carry them into their own classrooms as adults, and Mrs. Biondo— who showed me life is a lot less scary when you are prepared and understand social issues.

Favorite Regina memory: Cookie dough fundraisers, senior retreat with Nick, forensic tournaments, PowderPuff even if that other team did win , and Ms Weinart’s “office” which was really just a desk with a lamp on it in the back of the room I addition her lesson where she purposely smashed a teacup and crawled along the wall (which did appear in our yearbook that year!)



(Photo is courtesy of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.)

Alexandra Cervenak

Regina Class of:  2003

What you were involved in at Regina: Drama Club and National Honors Society

Higher education history:  BA in English and History from Wayne State University and MA in English from Brown University in Rhode Island.

What you’re doing now: I am the Site Supervisor and Foodways Specialist at Plimoth Plantation, which is a Living History Museum in Plymouth, MA. ( And of course Jeopardy on 12/17/18!

How Regina helped you to get there: I had some excellent teachers at Regina, specifically Ms. Weinert and Ms. Gagnier, that I still think about even now! I’m thankful that I met so many great women at Regina, some that are still my friends to this day!

Favorite Regina memory: Putting on shows with the Drama Club! I was part of the stage crew for shows like Brigadoon and the Sound of Music and I was in a Midsummer Night’s Dream.



Caitlin O'Neill

Regina Class of:  2007

Higher education history:  Graduated from Michigan State University with honors from the Honors College with a Bachelor of Social Work in three years. Graduated from Columbia University in NYC with a Masters in Social Work as a Policy Fellow with a minor in International Social Welfare.

What you’re doing now: I worked at SOS Kinderoff International on the advocacy team where I participated on the 3rd Committee at the United Nations General Assembly in NYC. Moved back to Michigan in 2012 where I have worked as a child forensic interviewer, child abuse/neglect investigator,  and juvenile probation officer. Currently, I am the Intensive Substance Abuse Therapist for Macomb County Juvenile Court. 

How Regina helped you to get there: The Advanced Placement classes at Regina allowed me to earn college credits that helped me graduate with my Bachelor of Social Work in three years. Regina gave me confidence as a woman that I was capable to obtain the goals that I set for myself. I felt supported and empowered by both my classments and teachers.  

Favorite Regina memory:  The Finding creative ways to write/pass notes to friends, Chicken Sandwich Tuesdays, and the StuCo overnight retreats



Cassie DiLaura

Regina Class of:  2011

Higher education history:  Graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in broadcast and digital journalism

What you’re doing now:  Right now, I am a co-host & producer for Entertainment Tonight's brand new livestream launching this fall called "ET Live". This is everything I have worked for since college & it's definitely a "pinch me" moment. It's pretty awesome to be a part of the team launching this stream, which is a historic moment for Entertainment Tonight as a whole. We are the first of any of the entertainment news outlets that will have a 24/7 live show providing breaking news, exclusive interviews & much more in the digital space. The company is looking at our show to be the future of Entertainment Tonight. Again, "pinch me" moment. The goal is to eventually transition onto Entertainment Tonight's broadcast show, but who knows - in 5 years, our ratings for digital could be higher than broadcast! With the ever-changing landscape of how people consume news, you never know. After that? One of my long-term goals would be to have my own show similar to Kathie Lee & Hoda.

How Regina helped you to get there: Always be rooted in faith. After a year living in LA, a town that you can easily get 'lost' in, I was craving more in my life. I was missing something. I reconnected with God & ever since, my life has been more meaningful than ever & the blessings keep on flowing. Everything I have prayed for, God has given me, including my dream job! I attend mass every Sunday, no exceptions. Even when I am traveling, I build my schedule around Sunday Mass.

Favorite Regina memory:  The friendships I made over those 4 years! I'm very lucky to have a core group of friends that I still communicate with on a daily basis. We have a group chat for texting & Snapchat, & whenever I am in town, we always get together. The friends I made at Regina are more than that - those girls are my family. They have been with me through it all. They sent me off after graduation to go to school in New York where they visited me & always embraced me with open arms when I would come home to visit. They have always sent words of encouragement & prayers for every job audition & every big moment in my career. For that, I am eternally grateful. After all, they voted me “Most Likely to be Famous” in high school, so I have to make them proud!

Read more about Cassie in the first issue of our new alumnae publication, The Reginite, on pages 10-13.



Melissa Raffoul Wensman

Regina Class of:  2009

What you were involved in at Regina:  Athletics (Golf, Tennis, Volleyball), Eucharistic Minister, Peer Minister, Senior Class President, National Honor Society, Student Council, Probably more! It was a long time ago now! :)

Higher education history:  BA - Sport Management from the University of Michigan; MA - Higher Education Student Affairs from Eastern Michigan University

What you’re doing now:  I am currently an Academic Advisor for Graduate Programs at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business within the University of Michigan.

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina fostered confidence in who I am personally, professionally, and spiritually. At Regina, I was able to be my true self, find friends who accepted that, and utilize my strengths for the betterment of others and the school. This confidence and ability traveled with me throughout college and into my adult life. Regina, as a school and as a spiritual institution, taught me kindess and empathy. These are two traits that I use on a regular basis, not only as an Academic Advisor, but also as a wife, family member, and friend. I will always be grateful for all that Regina has done for me, and I am proud to be a Regina Saddlelite.

Favorite Regina memory:  Coming together as a class to win Powderpuff, 31-7! Go Cobras!



Christina Palazzolo Rivera

Regina Class of:  1997

What you were involved in at Regina:  National Honor Society, Honors and AP Classes, Drama Club, Foreign Language Club

Higher education history:  Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Michigan State University and Master of Arts in Reading Instruction from Saginaw Valley State University.

What you’re doing now:  I am a reading specialist at Ceser Chavez Academy (Upper Elementary) in Southwest Detroit. I work in small groups with students in grades 3-5 who struggle with reading and comprehension. The majority of my students are also bilingual and are learning English while learning to read. Our goal is to bring them up to the grade level and keep them from falling further behind each year. I've been at this amazing school for 14 years; the first 10 were spent teaching 3rd grade. 
I also share a stand at the Eastern Market with my brother and father where we sell fruits and vegetables. This is a family business that has been passed down through generations, and I hope one day to pass it down to my own children. I live in St. Clair Shores with my husband and two children: Grace - 6 and Daniel - 4.

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina gave me the confidence and determination to study hard and work towards my personal goals. The caring and passionate teachers instilled a love of learning and value of education. They taught the student, not just their subject. These teachers inspired me to become a teacher and pass on the love of learning to my own students.

Favorite Regina memory:  Trip to Europe with Mrs. Biondo, Masses with Fr. Joe when he "made it rain" and Powderpuff. Most importantly, the lifelong friends I met at Regina.



Trisha Butz

Regina Class of:  2011

What you were involved in at Regina:  Honors and AP Courses, Softball, Softball Camps

What you’re doing now:  Current CEO and 51% owner of UltraLevel, Inc. – an IT Solutions Provider and Value Added Reseller

How Regina helped you to get there:  Regina gave me the guidance I needed to stay focused and determined on becomming who I wanted to be in the professional world. I worked right out of high school and climbed my way to the top.

Favorite Regina memory:  I have too many to count! I truly enjoyed my time at Regina and constantly wish I could turn back time even for just a day so that I could be in the same building with all of my friends and favorite teachers, or relive my powderpuff rally! I think that may have been the highlight of my time there – nothing makes you feel quite like that rally does!



Charlotte (Helminiak) Spicuzzi

Regina Class of:  2008

What you were involved in at Regina:  Student Council, National Honors Society, Class Representative, Soccer, Basketball

Higher education history:  Bachelors of Science from Michigan State University (2012), Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Oakland University (2015), Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Certification from Oakland University (2018) 

What you’re doing now:  Physical Therapist at OMPT Specialists Physical Therapy 

How Regina helped you to get there:  Regina provided a supportive and empowering environment that allowed me to explore my interests and grow into a confident individual. I received a strong academic foundation that allowed me to excel in undergraduate and graduate school courses. I will be forever thankful for the positive impact Regina had on my education and for the strong friendships that I gained throughout my four years at Regina. 

Favorite Regina memory:  Watching Maria Butler and Beth Ponkowski sing and dance a Michael Jackson medley during the Regina Show Boat talent show. 



Natalie Didio

Regina Class of:  2012

What you were involved in at Regina:  Varsity Golf and Tennis

Higher education history:  I graduated in April from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management with a Minor in Communications.

What you’re doing now:  Currently, I am doing an internship with the Detroit Tigers in Park Operations. Our department prepares the entire ballpark for all 81 home games and all other major events. Go Tigs! Last summer, I had the opportunity to do an internship with the Nashville Predators in Event Services. I was able to see the team make it to the Stanley Cup Finals and to help coordinate 16 major shows/concerts in the area. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work for two great professional sport organizations and hope to continue my career in sports after my internship with the Tigers! 

How Regina helped you to get there:  Being in an empowering women's environment for four years has helped me gain confidence in the sport industry. I am thankful that I was able to learn in such a positive school setting. 

Favorite Regina memory:  Powderpuff!




Karen (Stark) Bogle

Regina Class of:  1989

What you were involved in at Regina:  When I finished pursuing dance outside of school, I slowly became involved in a few clubs including Close-Up Club, Drama Club, Fine Arts Club, Christian Service, Science Club, and SADD.  I was also a volunteer at St. John Hospital throughout high school.  I played Powderpuff in my senior year.

Higher education history:  I am a proud graduate of two excellent Big Ten universities.  I received a Bachelor of Arts in Audiology and Speech Sciences from Michigan State University.  I received my Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology from The Ohio State University.  I bleed Green & White and Scarlet & Grey during college football season.

What you’re doing now:  I am employed as a speech-language pathologist with Eastpointe Community Schools where I just finished my 22nd year in education.  I work with our preschool population which is my passion but I have worked with students in grades K-6 over the years.  My husband Bill and I will be married for 18 years in July 2018.  Our beautiful daughter Rebecca is 10 years old and will be entering the 5th grade at St. Joan of Arc.  She dreams of going to Regina just like her godmother Susan Tschiggfrey Clark (Class of 1989) and my cousin Lisa D'Alessandro Lesczcynski (Class of 1981).  Rebecca is a competition dancer with interest in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and lyrical styles of dance.  I am a proud dance mom and love nothing more than being at the studio or at competitions and recitals watching her do what she loves.  I am also a dog mom to my fur baby Bailey our soon to be 15 year old Maltese. 

How Regina helped you to get there:  My experiences at Regina taught me discipline and organization.  I received an academic foundation that more than prepared me for college.  I gained self-confidence and found my inner drive to always strive to do my best and never give up.  No dream was out of reach.  While at Regina, I gained a greater understanding of and strength in my Catholic faith.  God is truly good and has helped me through some difficult times such as the sudden passing of my cousin Lisa in November 2016 and then my mom in January 2017.  On a lighter note, I learned to write great papers thanks to Mrs. Gilin.  I strengthened my math skills thanks to Mrs. Dybalski.  Mrs. Muckle taught me about computers at a time when I had no idea what kind of impact technology would have on our lives.  These three wonderful ladies and the many other teachers I was blessed to learn from more than prepared me for college.  They prepared me for life.  

Favorite Regina memory:  There are so many!  One of my most favorite memories came to mind recently when we took our daughter to Disney World for the first time.  I couldn't help but recall spending time with Sr. Leanne and Sr. Hyacinth at Disney World during a school trip to Orlando.  I remember each of them wearing glow necklaces over their habits as they walked Main Street at the Magic Kingdom and rode the monorail.  The smile on each of their faces and the laughter from them both was priceless.  I felt fortunate that my friend and I chose to stay back and walk with them.  We got to see a different side of our school leaders.  These two amazing women are part of the fiber of Regina High School.  They helped make it what it was and what it continues to be today.




Tamara Wisniewski-Kozak 

Regina Class of: 1992

What you were involved in at Regina: STAND, ALLIED Health

Higher education history: BA from Oakland University, English and Pyschology and SVSU-Secondary Certification

What you’re doing now: Mother of two children, Ava and Sam. I teach Enlish at Regina! I teach AP Literature, Women's Literature, Shakespeare, Honors American Literarure and American Literature

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina had a rigorous English program when I was a student and the teachers I had for English were some of my favorites. I learned how to write and how to voice my opinion in a safe and respectable manner. I wanted to come back and teach in a place where women are empowered and respected. Being in a school where women are the leaders and can flourish in any area helped me to have the confidence to speak up in college classes. This is why to this day, a discussion centered classroom is the only way I will teach. 

Favorite Regina memory: Lining up in the long auditorium hallway in the Harper Woods location getting ready to graduate! The school mascot, Boots, was a great way to start the day too! Our love of animals at Regina lives on in our annual visit from the local ducks making their home in our courtyards!!




Angela (Randazzo) Tamulevich

Regina Class of: 1994

What you were involved in at Regina: I was involved in National Honor Society, Track, and powderpuff

Higher education history: Oakland University with a Bachelor's degree of Science in Nursing

What you’re doing now: Registered Nurse with State Certification of External Fetal Monitoring in Obstetrical Nursing (CEFM).
I have been married to my husband and high school sweetheart (DLS alumnus) for 17 years.  We have three beautiful children ages 15, 13, and 9 years old.  Our daughter Isabella is currently a freshman at Regina.  It is so wonderful having a daughter live all of the same traditions and school experiences that I had at Regina! I am currently working at Troy Beaumont hospital as a labor and delivery nurse.  It is amazing to help bring new lives into this world every day!

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina has helped me to gain the skills and confidence needed to accomplish great things.  Regina has given me a solid foundation of faith, fellowship, and academics that has helped me achieve my goals. Going to an all girl school has helped me to find my voice and independence which has helped me throughout my college years and beyond.  I will always be grateful for my time spent at Regina, it is a place that I will always treasure and a place that has given me the tools to be true to myself in all that I do. 

Favorite Regina memory: I have so many great memories from Regina.  My favorite high school memories include Freshmen induction, Junior ring ceremony, having such a great time at our senior overnight retreat, and Beating Marion at powderpuff!!!  I also have such great memories picking out all of or class items from sophomore this day any time that I hear our class song "Forever Young" I think about our class and all of the fun times that we shared.  Lastly, one great memory from high school is taking human anatomy with Sister Blandine.  Her love and enthusiasm for Science is what led me to pursue my career in nursing, and for that I will always be grateful.



Erin (McNeill) Backman

Regina Class of: 2007

What you were involved in at Regina: Tennis, Hockey, Powderpuff, NHS, Regina Ambassadors

Higher education history: University of Notre Dame, BA in History and Gender Studies, Wayne State University, MA in Education Policy, teaching certification through Michigan Teacher Corps

What you’re doing now: Math Teacher at Regina 

How Regina helped you to get there: I had some absolutely wonderful teachers that made information come alive. These teachers went above and beyond to nurture my curiosities and challenge me beyond what I thought I could do. I try to emulate their energy and passion in my own classroom every day where I get to show my girls that math can be fun and exciting and that everyone can succeed with enough effort. 

Favorite Regina memory:  My favorite teacher, Mrs. Jordan, agreed to take a team of girls to Ferris State University to participate in an engineering competition where we built bridges out of noodles. We were the only team of all girls and we were so proud of our bridge! I think this experience with my Algebra 2 teacher stuck with me and eventually led to my own career as a math teacher. 



Caitlin Falenski (Schultz)

Regina Class of: 2004

What you were involved in at Regina: Cross Country, Track, Volleyball, National Honor’s Society (President)

Higher education history:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business from Michigan State University (Go Green!)
  • Certified Specialist in Retirement Planning®
  • 2018 Five Star Wealth Manager Award*
  • 2018 Recipient of Crain’s Detroit “Notable Women in Finance”

What you’re doing now: Financial Advisor with the Baniszewski Falenski Group of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. in Birmingham, MI

How Regina helped you to get there: Being an all-female school, the focus on education & empowering women to be independent, intelligent, hardworking individuals provided a strong foundation for my career.  That perspective is what created my focus & brand of “Financially Fit Females”.

Favorite Regina memory? Running the Detroit Free Press Marathon with a 5-person relay team from our Cross Country team in October 2003.  That was the start of my running “career” and Coach Gregg played a major role in that!

*For more information on the Five Star award and the research/selection methodology, go to
Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. Transacts Business on All Principal Exchanges and Member SIPC




Kimberly Ann Jacob (McLean)

Regina Class of: 1985

What you were involved in at Regina: I played Freshman Softball, Intramural Volleyball, Christian Service all 4 years, Yearbook, and I was a member of the Close-Up Group.

Higher education history: I earned a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Wayne State University and have taken several classes at the master’s Level.   In addition, I just completed my classes at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and received my certificate in Theology.

What you’re doing now: I have been married to my best friend, Christian for the past seventeen years and we have a daughter, Morgan who is a sophomore at Regina. I am currently working at St. Ronald Catholic Church in Clinton Township as the Director of Religious Education and Youth Minister.  I love working for the church, and I especially love trying to light these kids on “fire” for Jesus Christ! 

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina helped show me how a solid education and hard work pays off.  It’s a nice feeling to accomplish something that you have worked hard for.  Regina consistently gave us creative ways to assist us in achieving our goals.  The friendships that I made at Regina have proven to be very beneficial to me in my latter years; they have been with me through thick and thin. 

Favorite Regina memory: I have many fond memories of Regina, but I would say that my two my fondest are Sophomore Day & Going to Washington D.C. with the Close-Up Club.





Emily Sawicki

Regina Class of: 2009

What you were involved in at Regina: Forensics (President), Drama Club, Light & Sound, National Honor Society, Band, U of D Theater

Higher education history: BA in communications and media studies, creative writing minor from Fordham University.  I attended Fordham on a Presidential (full-tuition) Scholarship.

What you’re doing now: I am managing editor of The Malibu Times newspaper in Malibu, California. It's a small paper where I'm responsible for assignments, editing, social media and some politics reporting. 
This year, one of our reporters and I earned second place in the category of breaking news at the CNPA's 2017 California Journalism Awards, for an article about a small fire in Malibu last December.
My yellow lab Ginger and I live on the coast and spend our free time hiking and walking to the beach. I'm passionate about travel and have been to five continents since graduating from Regina, including backpacking in Japan and China last fall. Right now I'm also learning to surf. 

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina helped me to learn who I am, realize what I can achieve and find my own voice. 
Thanks to Regina, I have become a believer in all-girls education. Throughout my adult life, many of the most independent, hard-working, supportive and confident women I've met have the products of all-girls schools. I do not think this is a coincidence. Women who went to all-girls schools tend to see other women as allies, not competition. I feel honored to count myself among them.
The friendships made at Regina are lifelong. My best friend from Regina, Lindsay Astalos (now Lindsay Kasson) convinced me to move out here after we both graduated from college in 2013 (she attended Thomas Aquinas College in California). When I did, I began working at the newspaper where I am now managing editor. If it weren't for the friendship I forged at Regina, I never would have found my way out here and made the life I have now.
Last weekend, when Lindsay got married, Regina even got a shout-out in my toast, since we first met when our "big sisters" (who were best friends) introduced us freshman year and told us we "had to be best friends." It worked!

Favorite Regina memory: It would have to be all the plays and musicals we did, especially "Pirates of Penzance" in spring 2007. It was the final show in the aud and we definitely went out with a bang.




Sarah Vizachero 

Regina Class of: 2008

What you were involved in at Regina: Class president, lacrosse, and ice hockey

Higher education history: BBA from the University of Michigan (2012); MBA from Harvard Business School (graduating May 2018)

What you’re doing now: After leaving Regina and graduating from the University of Michigan, I moved to New York City and worked for 2 years in investment banking followed by another 2 years as an investment analyst at a hedge fund. Recently, I've spent the last 2 years living in Boston attending Harvard Business School, where I'll be graduating with my MBA in May. Afterwards, I'll be moving back to NYC and working on an entrepreneurial venture.

How Regina helped you to get there: Through my experience at Regina, I developed the self-confidence to tackle challenges head-on and to believe in myself – that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I was also lucky that my mom (Debbie Mazur, Regina Class of 1976) instilled in me the values she had learned from her time at Regina while I was growing up!

Favorite Regina memory? Class skits, decorating our lockers, spending time with my big and little sisters!



Zayna (David) Salloum

Regina Class of: 2001

What you were involved in at Regina: Powderpuff!

Higher education history: Bachelors in Advertising at Michigan State University

What you’re doing now: I have my own business called Zayna Bakes ( an innovative bakery that I started in 2013 when living in Chicago. I created a unique dessert called a Cuffin, the Cookie & Muffin combination! I was inspired to start my own business when I was working in Advertising Sales at The Food Network in Chicago. I knew that I had to be involved in the food industry since I was so passionate about cooking & baking. After an accident of placing cookie dough in muffin tins, a beautiful creation was born! I called it Cuffin, and has been an incredible journey since I started. I recently moved back to Michigan and thrilled to be in my home state! I sell the cuffins in retail locations across Michigan, cater to weddings/showers/birthdays and involved in local events at the Eastern Market in Detroit. I currently live in Plymouth with my husband and two children, Zain,5 and Naya, 2

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina gave me the confidence to be myself, not be afraid to speak my mind and be around strong bold women that inspired me on a daily basis. From the teachers, students and parents...I felt extremely welcome at all times and empowered by being surrounded by all ladies. Not only was the education impeccable, but I truly enjoyed going to an all girl school that was so diverse. 

Favorite Regina memory? I have so many! Powderpuff, Big and Little Sister & Spirit Day...I have to say lunch at Regina was the best, grilled cheese and ranch was my absolute favorite day:)  I loved that I made incredible friendships that I still cherish to this day.



Mona Habib Haurani

Regina Class of: 1997

What you were involved in at Regina: Soccer, Swim, National Honors Society, and various clubs.

Higher education history: I received my Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University and my Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Wayne State University.

What you’re doing now: I have been happily married since 2006 and we have 3 beautiful children (Mira 10, Nadeem 9, and Malek 3).  Currently I work at General Motors as the Project Lead over the Contingent Workforce Management Transformational Program. My team is responsible for working with various stakeholders in the company to implement new processes & policies and to ensure the talent of tomorrow is diverse and inclusive.  Previously, I was a Project Manager and Implementation Lead at Hewlett Packard. While working at Hewlett Packard my team won the 2015 President’s Quality Award of Achievement which is a premier recognition for teams that demonstrate the highest level of achievements in customer experience, quality excellence, innovation and process excellence. In my free time I enjoy volunteering at different organizations and traveling with my family. I am also a current RHS Board Member. 

How Regina helped you to get there: Attending Regina, an all-female high school, gave me the confidence to be a strong leader.  The encouragement and inspiration the RHS teachers, staff, and administration provided me with led me to where I am today.  They encouraged us to not conform but to think for ourselves and know that we, as women, can and will succeed.

Favorite Regina memory: I have so many fond memories at Regina and miss the friends I made and the time I spent there! 





Jessica Belcoure Marcetti

Regina Class of: 2003

What you were involved in at Regina: Fine Art Society (Vice President), Science Club, Ice Hockey Club, Prom Committee Chair, Holiday Ball Committee Chair, Drama Club (Sound & Light Crew)

Higher education history: (2012) M.A., Museology, University of Florida (Go Gators!) and (2007) B.S., Anthropology and Museum Studies, Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!)

What you’re doing now: I am the Education Programs Coordinator for the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores, where I develop education programs, field trip experiences, and new ways to interpret the history of the Edsel Ford family and their associated material culture.  I’m a museum educator by training and have worked in a number of museums and cultural institutions, creating programs and preserving collections that tell the stories of our shared history.  Before coming to the Ford House last year, I  was managing several archival collections and digitization projects for the Special & Area Studies Collections at the University of Florida Libraries, making their collections accessible to people all over the world.  In addition to my work at the Ford House,  I’m an active member of the Michigan Museums Association, and a founding member of the Michigan Alliance for Cultural Accessibility.

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina gave me the confidence to raise my hand.  Whenever there is a call for a project leader, a conference presenter, or any other opportunity, I confidently raise my hand and say, “I can do that!” As a kid, before starting at Regina, I would have never thought I could play ice hockey (and I still kind of can’t believe I did!), or succeed in graduate school.  Having that community of supportive women behind me made all the difference in the world—especially those teachers who pushed me to do just a little more than I thought I could (or wanted to).  I really believe the Regina community allowed me to feel supported in trying new things and discovering what I was capable of.  Regina also emphasized the importance of women supporting women.   Not only is that a value I still carry with me, but one I always try to pass on through my work with graduate students and young professionals.

Favorite Regina memory: Powderpuff!  We lost… but it was still a lot of fun!



Pamela Zarkowski

Regina Class of: 1971

What you were involved in at Regina: I was Vice President of the Senior Class, National Honor Society, I was an “act” in Showboat doing a Carol Burnett skit.

Higher education history:

  • Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from the University of Michigan, School of Dentistry
  • Masters of Public Health in Dental Public Health and Teaching Certificate in Community Dentistry from the University of Michigan’s  School of Public Health
  • Juris Doctor from Wayne State University

Numerous awards from professional organizations, including induction in honorary dental societies, commencement speaker at two dental schools and recipient of the  American Dental Education  Association (ADEA) Distinguished Service Award and ADEA/Gies Foundation Award for  Achievement - Dental Educator Award.

What you’re doing now: Currently serving as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Dentistry, University of Detroit Mercy. I also continue to teach dental hygiene, dental and graduate students at the School of Dentistry.

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina helped form me as an independent woman who learned to set goals and develop strategies to achieve them. It gave me an appreciation for the value of friendship and the need to support others.  My high school peers embodied, strength, passion, teamwork, and energy to name a few of the many characteristics that made the all-female high school experience unique. It helped me recognize I could be a successful leader. And it also gave me a strong academic foundation to help me succeed in my educational and professional pursuits.

Favorite Regina memory: I have exceptional memories of the time I spent with my friends, decorating home rooms for the holidays, creating bubble gum corsages to celebrate birthdays, ring ceremony,  Showboat, and Powderpuff. (We beat Dominican!) And finally, wearing Saddle shoes!




Michelle Canavesio-Collins

Regina Class of: 1999

What you were involved in at Regina: Drama club with De La Salle, Yearbook Editor, National Honor Society Secretary and President, Student Math Tutor

Higher education history: Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Oakland University and Master of Business Administration from Lawrence Technological University

What you’re doing now: First and foremost, I am a wife and mom to two outstanding boys, Hunter (12) and Jack (10).  They are my pride and joy!  Professionally, I am the Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Global Talent Acquisition for a wonderful propulsion company headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan; BorgWarner.  My work exposes me to interesting projects and takes me to diverse locations around the world where I work with other BorgWarner locations on events, company press releases, messaging, strategies to attract and retain top talent.  I love the work I do! 

How Regina helped you to get there: In addition to Regina instilling a sense of hard work and igniting a drive in me to achieve my full potential, I feel that it really challenged me to strive for things that seemed out of reach.  I began to see challenges as opportunities and be excited about the possibilities.  The workload and time management skills prepared me for my professional career where those are two key elements that help me juggle my busy day to day activities. I am very proud to have gone to an all-female high school.  I work in an industry where although it is evolving, has been historically predominantly male.  I am not intimidated by that and see it as an opportunity to excel and be an example for other women!

Favorite Regina memory: I have a lot of fond memories but one of my favorites was the graduation ceremony…it was beautiful, traditional and signified the start of the next chapter of my life!




Lisa (Lipari) Vandervord 

Regina Class of: 1995

What you were involved in at Regina: Soccer, DLS theater

Higher education history: BS in Human Resources Management - Oakland University; MBA - Oakland University 

What you’re doing now: I am happily married and have 4 amazing children.  After working in and out of the corporate world I started a new endeavor last year.  I am one of the founding board members of Impact 100 Macomb County.  Impact 100 is an organization made up of 100+ women who collectively fund high-impact grants to nonprofit organizations in Macomb County. Our concept is simple. Each woman contributes $1,000 for a shared purpose: to make a difference! The $1,000 allows each member to have one vote in deciding the organization(s) that will receive a grant of at least $100,000. The number and amount of grants are determined each year by the number of women who join IMPACT 100 as members. The more members we have, the more grants we can give. Impact 100 Macomb County is run 100% by volunteers and every dollar contributed goes directly to support local nonprofits (

How Regina helped you to get there:  Regina taught me that there is power in being a woman and that you can do anything or be anything you want to be!  Although I don't think I was able to truly realize the benefit and opportunity that was given to me at the time.  Before high school I was never able to stand in front of a crowd or have my voice heard without feeling insecure and worried about what other people were thinking of me.  That all changed after 4 years in high school.  I learned that my voice and opinion are important and now I have the confidence to stand in front of any crowd, big or small, and feel completely comfortable.  I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to attend Regina and believe it really helped shape me into the person I am today.

Favorite Regina memory:  All the senior year activities!  I think that senior year is the year that you really come together with others in your class and just have fun!!





Darcy Dulapa

Regina Class of: 2013

Involved in at Regina: Video club, tennis manager for the JV/Varsity team- 2013 season.

Higher Education history: I spent my first two years of college at Macomb Community College, where I got my prerequisite classes out of the way. I then transferred to Oakland University in the fall of 2015 receiving a talented transfer scholarship. 

What I'm doing now: I am a journalism major at OU, and am a semester away from graduation (April, 2018). 

I was asked by one of my professors at Oakland University to be the student journalist on an archaeology dig in Israel. I spent a month abroad over the (2017) summer doing so. My journalistic duties included documenting the trip by running social media accounts, keeping a blog, and writing for my school's newspaper. The student's were digging at Tel Lachish, which is an ancient biblical site located in the Shephelah region of Israel. I was lucky enough to write about the archaeological experiences, while also being able to get my hands dirty and participate int the dig itself. 
I found this experience to be especially memorable, as I was able to walk on the same steps that Jesus once walked upon. It was a humbling experience that I would not have been able to take part in if it weren't for Regina instilling within me the importance of faith and hard work. 

With graduation right around the corner, I am excited to say I have accepted a communications internship with Bedrock Detroit real estate, where I will be starting this January. 

Favorite Regina Memory: My favorite Regina memory is my senior year summer leading up to powderpuff. The excitement and bonds that were made between the 2013 class on that practice field is something that will stay with me forever. Although we all had our own friend groups, powderpuff gave us a reason to all come together and because of that, we went from schoolmates to sisters. 



Danielle Grassmyer

Regina Class of: 1997

What you were involved in at Regina: Notre Dame/Regina Band

Higher Education history: Wayne State University, B.A. Journalism, 2002;  University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, Juris Doctor, 2006. 

What you’re doing now: While attending law school, I developed a great interest in becoming a public servant.  I clerked for the Michigan Department of Attorney General Children & Youth Services Division, which represents the Department of Human Services in child abuse and neglect proceedings.  After law school, my career path lead me to private practice for several years.  I primarily represented individuals in Social Security Disability/SSI hearings before the Social Security Administration, which was very rewarding work. In 2014, I decided to take the leap into the public sector and accepted an appointment as an Administrative Law Judge for the Michigan Administrative Hearing System where I conducted unemployment hearings.  In 2015, I was appointed to my current position as an attorney adviser for the Social Security Administration. On a personal level, my husband Kevin and I are staying very busy with our three children: Clara (7), Brody (6) and Eleanor (6 months), as well as our first babies, dogs Roux and Olive.  I am also a member of the Central Macomb Optimist Club, which is a fantastic organization dedicated to assisting youth in our community.  

How Regina helped you get there:  The education I received at Regina taught me to be an independent thinker.  The curriculum was challenging and greatly prepared me for college and law school.  I appreciate the  guidance and support that was offered by the teaching staff, particularly Mrs. Jogan, who taught creative writing and encouraged me to pursue my interest in writing.  I also developed greater self confidence, which I have carried with me throughout my adult life.  Additionally, I made many great friends, many who I see regularly in the community and/or keep in contact with on social media.  

Any favorite Regina memory?  There are too many to count; however, I did enjoy lunchtime with friends (especially chicken sandwich day!) and participating in all of the band functions with Notre Dame.     




Makenzie (Bunch) Thimm

Regina Class Of: 1998

What you were involved in at Regina: Softball, Basketball (freshman and sophomore year) and various other activities 

Higher education history: Madonna University, Livonia, MI, BSN (Sigma Theta Tau) Registered Nurse. Madonna University, Livonia, MI, Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, MSN (Sigma Theta Tau). Clinical Rotations: Sinai Grace Hosptial, Detroit, MI; St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Oakland, Pontiac, MI: McLaren Macomb Hosptial, Mt. Clemens, MI.

What you’re doing now: First I am a wife to Jason, and mom to Morgan (age 7) and Hayden (age 9), and step-mom to Jordan (age 20) who is in college at MSU. Family is first and foremost in every aspect of my life. After graduating from Regina I finished my BSN at Madonna University and worked as a nurse in the critical care setting for 10 years. I decided to return to Madonna for my graduate degree where I completed the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program. Upon completion of my MSN, my career in nursing led me to my current position at St. John Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit where I coordinate the stroke program. 

How Regina helped you to get there: The time I spent at Regina prepared me for my role as a mother and my career as a Nurse Practitioner. I am so blessed to work for a hospital system that incorporates mission and values that strongly reflect those that are present at Regina. Both integrate a respect for human dignity, needs of the vulnerable and poor and communion with the Church. One of my favorite memories (that my kids still don’t believe) at Regina is Powderpuff. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to bring home a victory as the starting quarterback for the game. I still have my red Adidas cleats (passed on to me from an upper classman) and jersey that I cherish to this day.



Gina Vermiglio-Wood

Regina Class of:  2000

What you were involved in at Regina: Student Council & Soccer

Higher education history: Bachelor's of Science, Major in Elementary Education at Oakland University and Master's Degree in Educational Leadership at Marygrove College

What you’re doing now: I am married with two amazing children. I am currently the District Administrator at a local school district in which I began teaching at 11 years ago. 

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina prepared me for a successful college experience. I felt that the workload, high expectations and rigor helped to ensure my readiness for college and any professional environment. I felt that I could truly be myself at Regina, which is important in trying to find who you really are. My teachers embraced life's ups and downs and used them as teaching moments. I knew that the teachers at Regina were there because they believed in the mission of the organization. 

Some of the things I didn't appreciate then but DO NOW...

  • You could eat off of the cafeteria was so clean.
  • At any given moment, someone was hugging someone else.
  • Discipline and dedication---soccer practice at 6:00am
  • We prayed before we learned any new math skill




Sarah (Hopkins) Jones

Regina Class of: 2003

What you were involved in at Regina: Science Club, National Honors Society, SADD

Higher education history: Bachelors of Science in Animal Science from Michigan State University and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Tuskegee University.

What you’re doing now: I am a veterinarian in small animal private practice. I treat dogs, cats, and pocket pets (hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits).

How Regina helped you get there: Regina helped me to be disciplined in my studies and prepared me to successfully complete the rigorous curriculum in veterinary school. I am forever grateful for the excellent education and wonderful friends that I made at Regina. I feel that Regina set me up with the tools that I needed to succeed in college, graduate school, and in the workforce. My favorite memory is chicken sandwich Tuesdays! I moved back to Michigan with my husband and our two young children.



Cecelia (Vaughn) Forinash

Regina Class of: 2007

What you were involved in at Regina: Tennis, Volleyball, Track, National Honor Society, Science Club, and Student Council. 

Higher education history: I received a Bachelor of Arts from Aquinas College in Elementary Education and Learning Disabilities. I recently completed my masters at Grand Valley State University in Literacy Studies. 

What you’re doing now: I am a 4th grade teacher and volleyball coach at St. Joan of Arc.  

How Regina helped you get there: My education at Regina challenged me to work hard every day. With a busy schedule and challenging courses, I quickly learned how to manage my time and stay organized. By going to a small school, I was able to play three sports and serve on the student council. These opportunities helped me to gain confidence in myself and grow as a leader. Regina also helped me deepen my faith. Through retreats, classes, and activities, I learned the importance of living a God-centered life. I teach at a Catholic school today because of my experience at Regina. I am grateful for my Catholic education and the significant impact it has on my life.




Nicole LeVeque Weller

Regina Class of: 1992

What you were involved in at Regina: Swim Team

Higher education history: Wayne State University Elementary Education Masters Special Education

What you’re doing now: Elementary Special Education Resource Teacher at Eastpointe Public Schools

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina taught me to be a responsible student and person. The education that I received was wonderful and I’m excited to send my daughter there in the future! Regina built a foundation for academics and was a very special place where I was able to learn, grow, and build lifelong friendships. Some of my favorite memories from Regina were the ski trips that I went on every year. Our Campus Ministers, Nick Stann and Jean Hartman, would chaperone and we would go to Sugarloaf Mountain for the weekend. Those trips were the best and all of my friends and I had such a great time! I look back on my days at Regina very fondly and love bring my daughter to the yearly Powderpuff game so that she can see what she will experience one day!



Zahida Khan

Regina Class of: 1990

What you were involved in at Regina: Drama Club, Showboat, Studying

Higher education history:

  • BS in Biochemistry, Simmons College, Boston, MA
  • Combined MD/PhD, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Medical Scientist Training Program, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Pediatrics Residency, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Advanced Pediatric Transplant Hepatology Fellowship, Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, TX


What you’re doing now: I am an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. I specialize in pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology (liver disease), and transplantation at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, where I am a physician, scientist, and educator. Not only do I get to take care of children of all ages who may need a liver transplant,  but I also enjoy spending time in the laboratory to discover new ways of treating and preventing childhood liver diseases. My main project studies liver regeneration in alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, the most common inherited cause of pediatric liver disease and transplantation. I also serve on several sub-committees for the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN) and the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD).  As faculty, I teach medical students and doctors-in-training about pediatrics by both lectures and bedside rounds. Above all, I am blessed with a fantastically supportive husband who has encouraged me to pursue my career goals.

Link to publications:

How Regina helped you to get there: The road to becoming a physician-scientist is long and demanding, but highly rewarding. As an all-female high school, Regina prepared me well for my rigorous journey in a male-dominated profession. Besides building excellent presentation skills and a well-rounded education, I learned discipline, perseverance, and integrity. I balanced advanced classes and projects, while still expressing my creativity and making new friends. My teachers further challenged me to be an independent woman and critical thinker, especially Mrs. Michele Robertson (AP US History) and Sr. Mary Blandine (Human Physiology). Regina definitely gave me both the compassion and the confidence to pursue a career in academic medicine and to take care of some of the sickest children in the hospital.



Meghan Sweeney Bean

Regina Class of: 2004

What I was involved in at Regina: Co-Valedictorian; 2004 State Champion softball team member;  4-year member of softball, basketball, and volleyball teams; Junior Class President; National Honor Society

Higher education history: University of Notre Dame, B.A. 2008; University of Notre Dame Law School, J.D. 2011

What I'm doing now: After graduating from Notre Dame Law School in 2011, I moved to Santa Fe, NM for a year to work as a judicial law clerk for Judge Paul J. Kelly, Jr. on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.  In 2012, I moved to Chicago and began working for the global law firm Jones Day in their Issues and Appeals practice group.  After Jones Day opened an office in Detroit two years ago, my husband and I decided to move home to Michigan in the summer of 2016.  I transferred within the firm, and I am currently working at Jones Day's Detroit office.  I love being home near my family and friends and am happy to be a part of the exciting things happening in the City of Detroit.  I also love catching more Regina games now that I'm home.

How Regina helped you get there: Regina provided me with a wonderful education, but more significantly, its focus on developing well-rounded women fostered a sense of confidence that has served me well in college, law school, and in the practice of law.  My participation in Regina athletics also taught me to accept both victories and defeats with grace, and to focus on the team instead of myself; these skills have been vital in the legal profession.  Most importantly, however, Regina blessed me with friends who have become more like sisters as time has passed.  We still stay in touch almost daily, and have a bond that is truly unique and special.  We love reminiscing about our wonderful days at RHS.  I credit my faith-centered, all-girls education as one of the most important experiences of my life, and am grateful to my Regina teachers and coaches for helping to make me the person that I am today.



Kristen Berndt

Regina Class of: 2003

What you were involved in at Regina: Swim Team, Forensics President, Choir, National Honor Society, De La Salle Wig and Mask Society

Higher education history: Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan, Class of 2007

What you're doing now: I work as a Manager in Airport Operations for United Airlines in Chicago, IL.  My job is to streamline the flow of passengers through our airports by optimizing our processes, while ensuring that our employees are given the right tools and technology to provide exceptional customer service.  The airline industry is extremely dynamic, and part of what I love about my job is that every single day is different.  Working for United has given me the unique opportunity to travel the world, experiencing landscapes and cultures that I might not have otherwise had the opportunity to see.  Growing up, we all fantasize about our "dream job."  Some days I have to pinch myself because I am truly living my dream, and I'm grateful to have had the education to help me achieve my career goals.

How Regina helped you to get there:  My education at Regina instilled in me the confidence to succeed in a male-dominated profession.  In the classroom, we were taught to speak up and participate in the conversation.  Upon beginning my engineering curriculum at the University of Michigan, I suddenly found myself in classrooms filled with mostly men.  While this was initially intimidating, my experience at Regina helped me to find my voice in this environment.  Throughout my career in engineering, I've come to realize that gender discrimination remains an issue in our society, but we can prepare the next generation of women for these challenges by instilling in them the values of fairness and equality that have allowed me to succeed in my own career.  I've come to appreciate the value of diversity and inclusion, and I've become passionate about inspiring other women to be fearless.  I currently serve on the board of the Women's Business Resource Group at United, where our mission is to initiate movement, advancement, and connection for women.  



Maria Teresa (Vitale) Palleschi 

Regina Class of:  1975 

What you were involved in at Regina:  Tennis, studying, class plays 

Higher education history:  Diploma of Nursing at Harper Hospital School of Nursing; Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Wayne State University; Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN),  Wayne State University; Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Madonna University.   

What you’re doing now:  For 20 years I was a bedside ICU RN, raised my family and continued my education. After I completed my MSN in 1996, I became an Advanced Practice Nurse and currently cover three adult intensive care units at Harper University Hospital. I serve on many Detroit Medical Center committees and lead a system wide interprofessional critical care committee. I am a member of American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Sigma Theta Tau, and Society of Critical Care Medicine as well as an adjunct professor and clinical preceptor at Michigan State University and the University of Detroit-Mercy. I am an advocate for increasing public awareness of sepsis and is one of the founding members of Michigan Stomp Out Sepsis that sponsors several annual fundraising events, specifially the 3rd Annual 5K for Sepsis Awareness which is September 10, 2017 at 10:00 AM at Stoney Creek Park. For more info, visit

Awards: Finalist for the Sepsis Alliance Sepsis Heroes Award, September 2016 and the Florence Nightingale Award Winner, 2013 Excellence in Research and Education

How Regina helped you to get there:  I think all of my teachers at Regina helped me succeed in life and academics. Sister Blandine especially helped me realize I was well suited for biology and a career in nursing.  The high level expectations in my classes prepared me for my university course work. Many of my college professors commented on my writing style in papers and asked if I attended a Catholic high school.  I truly appreciate the foundation that Regina helped me build by fostering good study habits and providing a safe and challenging environment to learn.  



Laura Farrelly

Regina Class of: 1989

What you were involved in at Regina: Volleyball • Powderpuff • Hospital Volunteer

Higher education history: Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Master of Business Administration • Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan – Dearborn, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering • Michigan Technological University, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

What you’re doing now: COO & Co-Founder of Couragion – an education technology company with the mission to boost the number and diversity of students that pursue STEM pathways.

How Regina helped you to get there: Teachers at Regina constantly instilled in us the importance of having integrity and doing the right thing – this has served me well in every endeavor since high school – from college to the business world to my personal life!



Molly Shaheen

Regina Class of: 2002

What you were involved in at Regina: NHS, Foreign Language Club, Cross Country, Volleyball, Softball, Student Council, Eucharistic Minister, DLS play

Higher education history: BA in Business with a specialization in International Business. Eli Broad College of Business at MSU 

What you’re doing now: I started my own leather accessories business in NYC where I run all operations and create original designs. Everything is made in the USA out of genuine leather.  (  - Molly Shaheen has been featured in VOGUE, Life & Style Magazine, OK! Magazine, Rolling Stone, TeenVogue, CBS, People, US Weekly, Comedy Central, USA Network, and more!)

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina helped me find my own voice. Made me empowered and gave me the confidence to pursue my ultimate dream: to own my own business. 



Mary Catherine Kirouac Robinson

Regina Class of: 1965

What you were involved in at Regina: Sodality, Choir, and Bowling

Higher education history: Wayne State University (equivalent to Associate’s Degree)

What you’re doing now: Kickbox at Sidekicks Martial Arts for the past 7 years; Minister of Consolation (Loss and Grief) Facilitator and a member of the Parish Life Committee at St. Joan of Arc Church; Volunteer at the Multiple Sclerosis Society and team captain of Team Kirouac: “On the Road” Again for 29 years (my sister Diann Kirouac, class of 1967 has had MS for all that time); Volunteer at The Parade Company for 30 years and was their mascot Clownie for the first 17 years he was in the parade and now I am a member of The Big Head Corps as the French Doll; Volunteer with the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) at the Father Solanus SouperBowl Fundraiser for 22 years; Member of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) for 28 years and currently the Vice President of the Suburban Connection Charter Chapter; Secretary for Regina Alumnae Association and former Vice President; Early retired from DTE Energy after 34 years

How Regina helped you to get there: I truly liked my time at Regina because it was a girl’s school and I think it helped me to concentrate on my studies because there were no boys in the classes (they were next door at Notre Dame).  Regina taught me the value of community service and the importance of being a good citizen. The skills I learned at Regina were extremely helpful in getting positions throughout DTE because of Regina’s reputation and my integrity!



Jackie Sheridan

Regina Class of: 2005

What you were involved in at Regina: National Honor Society, Swim Team, Regina's first Lacrosse Team, Sound & Light Crew 

Higher education history: BA from University of Notre Dame (Political Science, Russian Language & Literature), MA from Georgetown University (Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies)

What you’re doing now: I live in Washington, DC and still love to travel (Bangkok last fall, Mexico City next week). Job-wise, I'm the Senior Program Manager for the Pickering Fellowship at The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars -- basically, I manage a Fellowship program that identifies and develops outstanding diverse candidates to join the U.S. Foreign Service, ensuring that our future diplomats and ambassadors are of the highest caliber and reflect the American people when they represent our interests abroad. Prior to that, I worked on educational exchange programs sponsored by organizations such as Prudential, the Ford Foundation, and the Panamanian Ministry for Science, Technology, and Innovation, bringing students from Brazil, India, China, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Panama to Washington, DC to live, work, and learn with American students.

How Regina helped you to get there: (This is something I think about a fair amount, actually) Going to Regina was more beneficial than 14-year-old me could have ever dreamed. It gave me the academic basis to succeed in college, of course, for which I am thankful. But it's the intangible lessons I learned at Regina that I find myself reflecting on more often as an adult. Regina gave me a space in which to develop a strong sense of self at an age where we are most buffeted by self-doubt and outside pressure. Coaches taught me the importance of prioritization, focus, and self-discipline (even when I'd rather they didn't). Teachers there recognized curiosity and the desire to learn more, feeding both by encouraging questions and the exploration of other viewpoints. During high school, I made incredible friendships, and learned how to seek out intelligent, motivated people who were actively engaged in bettering themselves and those around them; I still strive to surround myself with such individuals and to be one myself. Clearly this seeped in, since my job now is about supporting those who want to make the world a better place. Regina was the backdrop for the crucial project of building who I would become. Naturally, it also helped guide that development -- and I'm proud of the person I've grown into as a result.



Jessica Beltran

Regina Class of: 2006

What you were involved in at Regina: National Honor Society, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse (team captain my senior year)

Higher education: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University, a small engineering school located in Flint, MI and formerly known as GMI or General Motors Institute

What you're doing now: I am working as a Senior Engineer at FANUC America Corporation in Rochester Hills, MI. FANUC is an industrial robotics supplier for factory automation. We supply robotic solutions for almost every industrial applications out there including automotive, aerospace/defense, electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and many more. I have been working at FANUC for 10 years, basically since I started as a freshman in college. Kettering University has a unique program that requires its students to rotate between school and to intern at a company every other 3 months. So, I began working at FANUC as a freshman intern and was able to work in several different engineering departments at the company. After graduation, I was hired full time as an applications engineer working with our material handling robots. Specifically, I product manage our high speed picking and packaging robots and their software. My role requires me to support pre-sales and post-sales applications for our customers, help develop the mechanical/electrical/software components of the robots, and develop live demos for trade shows.

Outside of work, my latest ambition the past few years has been running. Last year, I ran my first marathon in Nashville in April and even after, decided to run my second at the Free Press Marathon in Detroit.

How Regina helped me get there: Regina taught me the skills to succeed in college and to be a strong, independent woman which has helped me to be well respected in my field and move upward in my career.



Rebecca (DeWitt) Emiah

Regina Class of: 2008

What you were involved in at Regina: National Honor Society, Track Team, Eucharistic Minister

Higher education history: I attended Grand Valley State University and received two Bachelor's degrees, one in Cell and Molecular Biology and the other in Biomedical Science. I then attended the Michigan College of Optometry where I received my Doctorate in Optometry.

What you’re doing now: I am completing my residency in Ocular Disease and Ocular and Refractive Surgery through Southern College of Optometry at Georgia Eye Partners in Atlanta, Georgia.

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina could not have prepared me more for my future. I felt extremely prepared for college after leaving Regina which was the foundation for my future educational endeavors. I saw many other students struggle freshman year of college and I felt very lucky to have received such a stellar education.  I had numerous AP credits that went towards my freshman year at Grand Valley which allowed me to focus even more on the classes I was taking while feeling ahead of the game from the start. Regina also gave me the confidence and work ethic I needed to keep pushing forward and achieve my goals. I couldn't have asked for better teachers and administration encouraging me to follow any career path that I dreamed of. I truly cannot thank my parents enough for sacrificing to send me to such a great school and all of their support throughout my career as well.



Carolyn Lekki

Regina Class of: 1973

What you were involved in at Regina: Softball and basketball and I was also a part of the GAA (Girls Athletic Association)

Higher education history: I received a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Michigan University in Physical Education and Health. I completed graduate work at Tyndale College, Madonna University and received my Continuing Certification from University of Michigan - Dearborn.

What you’re doing now: I have been teaching at Regina since August of 1978. Currently I teach physical education, health, first aid/cpr, fitness and nutrition, and kinesiology. About a year after we moved to Warren, I began coaching Varsity Field Hockey. In addition, I am the Head Coach for JV Softball and also a co-moderator of the Sports Club along with Diane Laffey. Over the years, I have also coached Freshman & JV Basketball and Varsity Volleyball as a Head Coach. I am an avid backpacker & love tent camping with my dogs. I have backpacked in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier National Park, Maine, the glacier in Olympic National Park and in the Canadian Rockies, and British Columbia, Canada. I have also worked as a volunteer in Yosemite. I love spending time in the outdoors and I love working with the students at Regina High School.

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina provided me with a strong faith-based education. I had wonderful parents, role models, mentors, and friends who helped me to become a strong, confident, and independent woman. My education helped me recognize my talents and skills and provided me with the tools needed to conquer challenges and achieve my goals.



Rachel (Bemke) Hagerty 

Regina Class of: 2002

What you were involved in at Regina: While at Regina I had the opportunity to participate in both the athletic arena and the leadership arena.  I was on the Softball team and the Swim team (where I met one of my life long friends!). I was very active in student council all 4 years; serving as Executive Board Secretary my junior year and serving a dual-role position as Senior Class Student Council Representative my senior year. I also participated in National Honor Society and Peer Ministry. 

Higher education history: I graduated from Western Michigan University with my Bachelor of Science (in psychology) and University of Detroit Mercy with my Master of Arts in Child Clinical Psychology. 

What you’re doing now: I have been a practicing clinician for over 8 years, currently working in Rochester Hills in the private therapy setting. I have had the opportunity to work a variety of clients, practicing individual and family therapy, young children to adults. I have a special interest in working with adolescent and young women focusing on anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and life issues. I am currently in an intensive training to become skilled in the area of Eating Disorders. Additionally, for 4 years I was an adjunct faculty member at Oakland Community College (Auburn Hills) teaching Introduction to Psychology.

When I am out of the office I am spending time with my husband Patrick, our 3-year-old daughter, Delaney, and our lovable blue-tick-coon hound, Wilson. 

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina was so much more to me than just a high school, it was the place that helped me transform into the person that I am today. The teachers, mentors, and coaches taught me that with hard work, dedication, and a strong foundation you can do anything! Regina reinforced over and over how being a strong, independent, forward thinking woman is something to be admired and not something to shy away from. The academic environment provided me with the confidence to be proud of being intellectual, to speak up in the classroom, and to know that you are capable of anything you strive to accomplish. When I reflect back on my time at Regina I feel a sense of pride. I was proud to be surrounded by other women who all believed and supported one another for who they were. The four walls of the classroom where so much more than that, they were place of laugher, enduring friendships, faith, learning, growing, challenges, and experiences. Experience that have made the woman I am proud to be today! 



Emily (Radatz) Berschback

Regina Class of: 2001

What you were involved in at Regina: I had a brief stint on the Forensics team. I served as a Eucharistic Minister and was a member of Student Council, serving on the Executive Board senior year.

Higher education history: In 2006, I graduated from Madonna University with a Bachelor’s of Science.

What you’re doing now: I currently am the Event Manager for the Archdiocese of Detroit and Sacred Heart Major Seminary, focusing on fundraising and alumni events for the Seminary.

How Regina helped you to get there: For four years, I proudly wore a plaid skirt and saddle shoes…I was a Saddlelite, I still am! To say that I loved my time at Regina is an understatement. The hallways and classrooms of Regina High School provided me an amazing education, enriched faith life and an all-around desire to be a strong woman! It gave me the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing ladies that I still call my very best friends and recently reconnected with so many more (thank you Facebook!).  I am beyond thankful to my parents for making the sacrifice to send me and my sister (shout out to Liz ‘Radatz’ Wearn, Class of 2003) to Regina.  Thank you “RHS” for instilling in me a level of confidence I never knew I had and the ability to strive for the very best. From math tests to student council meetings and those legendary chicken sandwiches, I am forever grateful.

It is my honor to currently serve as your Alumnae President! For 60 years, many amazing girls have graced the hallways of Regina and entered the world as fierce, independent women! Whether you went to Harper Woods Regina or Warren Regina…it’s still Regina, always has…always will be.  As alumnae, it is our job to keep that Regina spirit alive for 60 more years!



Rachael (Sabol) Tindall

Regina Class of: 2004

What you were involved in at Regina: Basketball and Softball (State Champ 2004)

Higher education history: B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders from Michigan State University (Go Green) and M.A. Speech Language Pathology from University of Toledo-during which I was a Graduate Assistant researching stuttering and fluency disorders.

What you’re doing now: I am a full time school based Speech Language Pathologist for New Haven Community Schools.  I am also co-lead of the Assistive Technology Department, obtaining devices for nonverbal children or severely impaired special education children. 

I am also a contingent Home Health Care Speech Language Pathologist for Residential Home Health and treat patients with history of stroke/Aphasia, Dementia, and swallowing impairments.  I love working with both populations, so this is a good way to do just that.

I was married in 2012 to my husband, Todd. We had our first daughter, named Blake Julia, in July 2015.  We also have a spoiled shihpoo named Reggie.  

How Regina helped you to get there:  Regina was such an important part of my academic performance during college and graduate school.  The fundamental skills I learned as a student at Regina proved to be invaluable.  In addition to academics, Regina instilled in me such a high level of confidence in proving myself and attaining goals I had.  I never felt like I wasn't capable of doing something I wanted to accomplish.  Going to Regina helped to facilitate that through the profound way they empower girls and the way they instill having faith in God throughout anything.



Dina (Zalewski) Cammarata

Regina Class Of: 2003

What you were involved in at Regina: Regretfully, I was not involved in any activities or organizations while I was at Regina. 

Higher Education History: Graduated from Wayne State University in May 2008 with a B.A. Graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law in May 2012 with a J.D.

What you’re doing now: I’m an Associate Attorney at The Thurswell Law Firm in Southfield, Michigan.  The Thurswell Law Firm is a plaintiff’s personal injury law firm, and we handle all aspects of personal injury litigation.  My practice is focused solely in the area of medical malpractice.  For the past 4 years, I have been litigating and representing victims of medical negligence, as well as their families, in medical malpractice/wrongful death cases against various medical providers.  I am involved in all aspects of litigation from the very beginning of a case to its conclusion. I have second chaired 3 jury trials in Saginaw County, Washtenaw County and Calhoun County.  I work on a team with all women, including my supervising attorney and 2 legal secretaries.

I am also a member of the Michigan Association for Justice. The Mission of the Michigan Association for Justice is to promote a fair and effective justice system. We aim to support the work of attorneys in their efforts to ensure that any person who is injured by the misconduct or negligence of others can obtain justice in Michigan’s courtrooms, even when taking on the most powerful interests. In December 2016, I was asked to give a presentation during the Michigan Association for Justice seminar about what it is like being a millennial practicing in the field of medical malpractice. 

On a personal note, in September 2016 I married my best friend of 10 years.  We got married at St. Anne’s Church on Mackinac Island.  We are currently living in St. Clair Shores, MI.

How Regina Helped Me: My time at Regina was invaluable.  I did not realize how important Regina was until after I graduated.  Regina provided me with a strong work ethic, excellent study skills and techniques, confidence and accountability.  It also made me strive for greatness. 

In additional to being an excellent school academically, Regina provided me with life-long friendships.  I look back on my time at Regina with a smile and a sense of pride.  Without hesitation, I can say that I would not be where I am today and I would not be the woman I am today without my 4 (short) years at Regina High School.  I thank my parents for the financial sacrifice they made to ensure that I received a quality education.



Dawn (Dib) Gazzarato

Regina Class of: 1989

What you were involved in at Regina: I wasn't really involved in anything besides my academics.

Higher education history: Bachelor's of Science, Biology from Wayne State University; Masters of Science, Administration from Central Michigan University

What you’re doing now: I work for St John Providence Physician Network and just marked my 20 years with the organization.  I spent the first three years in the outpatient pharmacy at St John Hospital and Medical Center and then 17 years in Human Resources.  I was recently promoted to a Manager Physician Support Services in which I manage a float pool of medical assistants and receptionists for the physician network.  In addition, I am the liaison to the local schools for the medical assistant externship programs.

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina taught me discipline and organizational skills.  I remember taking copious notes and would come home, sometimes rewrite them and highlight to help me study.  I had to not only organize my notes but also my life and learned really fast how to balance school and a part time job.  Fast forward, that discipline and learning of organizational skills gave me the drive to keep focused through my college years and has carried over into my professional career.



Aileen Dickson

Class of: 1994

What you were involved in at Regina: Drama Club, Forensics

Higher education history: Oakland University for both, Bachelor of Arts - Political Science; Masters in Public Administration (in progress)

What you’re doing now: City Clerk for the City of Troy since 2011. As City Clerk, I am the election administrator, FOIA coordinator, vital records administrator, records coordinator and parliamentarian for the city, among other responsibilities. Obtained certifications: Master Municipal Clerk, Certified Municipal Clerk, Certified Michigan Municipal Clerk, Michigan Accredited Election Training Coordinator; President - Oakland County Clerks Association; I'm also the Cookie Manager for my daughter's Brownies Troop. :-)

How Regina helped you to get there: My education at Regina helped me develop focus, determination, problem solving skills as well as confidence. I regularly use the public speaking skills and analytical skills that I began developing at Regina. I always remember the kindness and inspiration I received from my teachers. I especially appreciate Ms. Weinert and Ms. Gerard for their unique teaching styles and motivation.



Rosemary Wagner Michels

Regina Class of: 2004

What you were involved in at Regina: Basketball, Softball, Class Officer (4 years), National Honor Society, Notre Dame/Regina Band

Higher education history: Bachelor of Science in Biology (Central Michigan University) and a Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership (Central Michigan University)

What you’re doing now: I am teaching and coaching at Regina High School! As a student, I would have never pictured myself working here but I truly love working with some of my former teachers and being able to experience Regina from a different perspective. I teach in the science department and am assistant coach to Miss Laffey for varsity basketball and softball. In 2015, our softball team won the state championship. Many of my close friends are also Regina graduates. My husband, Spencer, and I have a black cat named Ashbury.

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina provided me with the necessary skills to be successful in college and the working world. In addition to learning discipline and hard work in academics, Regina helped me to develop communication skills and the confidence to be a leader. Both of these characteristics are a necessity when it comes to my profession. Regina prepared me for real world situations and taught me to be accepting of others, despite their differences. I love that I get to play a role in instilling these characteristics in our students today. 



Teresa Veltri-Lucido

Regina Class of: 1981

What you were involved in at Regina: volleyball, softball,  DLS theater, Jr and Sr. class officer, National Honor Society

Higher education history: BA, Communication -  Michigan State University

What you’re doing now: Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales for Comcast Spotlight; named one of the most Powerful Women in Cable by Cablefax magazine 2015 & 2016; wife and mother

How Regina helped you to get there:  The blessing of attending Regina provided me the nurturing and encouragement to be all that I can be, and give all that I can give personally and professionally.  The close sense of community fostered a positive and inclusive environment where individual interests and differences were appreciated and fortified. It was a great experience to grow in faith and have friends share in that journey - some of my closest and dearest friendships are those that blossomed at Regina. Even as a teenager, the leadership opportunities I experienced at Regina provided a foundation for future growth that has helped me achieve my career aspirations.  While any high school can provide a strong college prep curriculum, high academic standards, and boast brilliant faculty, becoming a contributing adult comes from experiences far richer and more meaningful than any of those benchmarks.  Regina’s Catholic based education helps young women affirm that being a good, honest and selfless person serving God and others marks the centerpiece of a fulfilling life.  I’m truly grateful to Regina for creating a culture with an enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and respect for others.  I am the mother of an amazing 14-year old son who will enter high school in the fall of 2017 and I pray his experience is as fulfilling and formative as mine was at Regina.




Vicki Granger

Regina Class of: 1966

What you were involved in at Regina: Involved with a variety of activities - primarily debate and newspaper, and worked on crews for the plays. Was also in Sodality. I would have liked to be in more activities, but had to get home to babysit a younger sibling as my mother started working as I started high school. Debate took place on Saturday and I was a four-year debater. 

Higher education history: Attended Wayne State University, earned B.S. in Education with major in Speech and Communications, and English, minor in Science. Attended Eastern Michigan University, earned M.A. in Communications, and was also a Teaching Fellow. Attended University of Detroit (before it merged with Mercy), and earned M.Ed. in School Administration. 

What you’re doing now/How Regina helped you to get there: Regina was important to me as the school provided then, as it does now, a touchstone for young women to realize their full potential. I graduated thinking I would major in Chemistry and Latin, but was woefully in over my head in Chemistry, since I placed out of the first three courses, but was into some higher Math that was tough in those pre-calculator days. I got a job in the WSU Radio Station, WDET, and worked evenings and weekends, and also worked behind the scenes at WSU TV, affiliated with WTVS - Channel 56 Public TV. I worked audio and camera and thoroughly enjoyed the aspects of production. I maintained my interest in Science, and actually taught Science in middle school in the '70s at Our Lady of LaSalette in Berkley, MI. My "drama" experience led me to assist with plays at Bishop Gallagher High School in the '70s, and I continued to direct plays at Dominican High School. A side trip into school administration at Servite High School was one of my most meaningful jobs, and a definite challenge at an economically challenged school in an increasingly depopulating area. I came to De La Salle Collegiate in 1982, when the school moved to Warren, and taught until 2004. At that time, I transitioned into the Advancement Department, handling the website, and all sorts of school communications, including advertising, emails, press releases, and writing the De La Salle alumni magazine. My job includes plenty of photography - which I did way back at Regina, and my photos have appeared in various school publications and in print media. My job title is Director of Communications, and I handle all sorts of tasks, including our Social Media accounts Facebook and Twitter. Hashtag #NeverDull!! 

Due to the influence of Mr. Schram, who recently passed away, my senior year Government teacher, and boys I knew from Notre Dame High School, I became involved in political campaigns during college, walking neighborhoods for various candidates. My part-time summer work at a weekly newspaper in Macomb County led me to more political activism and I met my husband in 1974 as we both washed cars one Saturday as a fundraiser for a candidate. 

I continue to be involved in political activity, and have been elected to the Grosse Pointe Woods City Council five times, beginning in 1997. I have also been active and had leadership roles in other community activities, including Friends of the Grosse Pointe Library, the Grosse Pointe Branches of League of Women Voters and American Association of University Women. I am particularly excited about the Dining for Women group, as we raise money each quarter for a project that improves education or health for women and girls in third world countries. Recently, I was asked to be the Michigan coordinator for this national non-profit. And of course, I am thrilled to be connected with the Regina Alumnae Association and will be working for ways to bring my Regina "sisters" back to our high school "home." 

Our Regina class motto was "Take the world as you find it, and leave it a better place." This motto has guided my life. Thank you, Regina, and thank you to Sister Mary Leanne.



Ann Diamond

Regina Class of: 1994

What you were involved in at Regina: Varsity soccer for four years, Basketball for two years, SADD, National Honor Society, Eucharistic Minister, Drama club at Regina and De La Salle

Higher education history: Michigan State University, Class of 1998, Marygrove College, Class of 2006 – Masters

What you’re doing now: I have been in education since 1999. I started my career at Winans Academy of Performing Arts as a kindergarten teacher. I moved to Our Lady of La Salette where I taught first grade for seven years. Next, I moved to administration where I became the principal. In 2010, I became principal of St. Isaac Jogues. In 2012, I became the principal of Regina High School! 

How Regina helped you to get there: As a student at Regina, I knew I wanted to go into education. I always wanted to give back to the Catholic Church by teaching in the Catholic schools. My parents blessed me with 13 years of Catholic education and I truly believe in what Catholic schools offer to the children that walk through the doors; an outstanding education embodied with faith, strong academics, and social-emotional growth. Regina empowered me to be confident in my ability to be a leader in the community. I am fortunate to return to the place where I believe gave me all the necessary tools to be successful as a woman in a career I love. Children are our future and to be able to play a part in educating them is truly an honor and blessing! In my personal life, I am a mom of four amazing boys who bring me a tremendous amount of joy and love!



Kara Constantine      

Regina Class of: 2006

What you were involved in at Regina: Student Council, National Honor Society, Swimming

Higher education history: Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Michigan State University (MSU), Master of Arts in School Psychology from MSU, and hopefully by this time next year a Doctor of Philosophy in School Psychology from MSU.

What you’re doing now: I am a doctoral candidate in the School Psychology PhD program at Michigan State University. I finished my coursework and am completing my yearlong internship at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, which is the largest nonprofit behavioral healthcare system in the United States. I conduct outpatient and mobile therapy, research, psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments, school consultations, and I am helping out on a few programmatic projects. I especially love working with children and adolescents with disruptive behaviors and Autism Spectrum Disorders. I am also finishing up my dissertation, which investigates whether a spatial ability course can remediate spatial and mathematical gender differences in first-year undergraduate engineering students.

How Regina helped you to get there: I cannot fully explain how big of an influence that Regina has had on my life. I knew I wanted to pursue psychology while taking my courses at Regina. I literally wrote a love letter to the brain in Anatomy and Physiology as a class project. When I got to college, I was extremely surprised when my professor noted that there is a stereotype that males typically outperform females in spatial ability and STEM (i.e., science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related areas. I distinctly remember thinking, “Wait, I’m supposed to be bad at math?” Regina was so women-empowering, that I never thought twice about being successful in those areas. That is why I decided to focus my research on gender differences in spatial ability, mathematics, and engineering. Spoiler alert, gender differences are not consistently found in those areas. Girls who have more spatial experiences (e.g., play with blocks, video games, rough and tumble play) actually develop comparable spatial and math skills to boys. AND women tend to get better grades in mathematics classes, even in college! I feel so proud to be a graduate of Regina and thank God that Regina provided me with the academic prerequisites and confidence to be successful.



Leanne (West) Ross

Regina Class of: 2002

What you were involved in at Regina: Student Council (President and VP), National Honor Society, Track & Field, Drama Club, Forensics

Higher education history: Bachelors from Michigan State University (Go Spartans!)

What you’re doing now: In June, I left my job as a hiring manager for an almost Fortune 100 company.  I was managing a $100M+ business segment, overseeing a team in 4 states.  I loved the company and job that I had, but I decided to take a leap of faith to follow a passion of mine and start my own company IVY LADDER (  We are an online program that teaches high school and college students how to launch their careers, so they can successfully transition from school into the workplace.  As a culture, we put so much effort into making sure students get into the best colleges possible, but then we leave them on their own to figure out the rest.  I’m committed to helping to bridge that gap to give students the strategy, planning and practical skills needed to find jobs and internships while they’re in school, so they can easily find a job they love once they graduate.  Think of us as the SAT prep for the real world. (

On a personal note, my husband Mike and I are expecting our first child in May.  He/she will join our little Yorkie furbaby Harvey.  We live outside of Boston, and love coming back to Detroit and Chicago to visit family and friends.

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina reinforced so many of the values that my parents instilled in me at a young age including:

  • You can do absolutely anything that you put your mind to.
  • Treat others the way that you want to be treated.  We only rise by helping others up along the way.
  • You get out what you put in – so be involved, contribute, and live all areas of your life to the fullest.
  • Make decisions based on your faith, morals and ethics.
  • “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13

More than anything, I think that the education and life experience gained while at Regina helped to display a framework and guiding principle for how to live my life in the future.  I’m so grateful for the education I received, confidence I walked away with, and relationships and friendships that last until this day.



Melissa (Abuel) Lindquist      

Regina Class of: 2001

What you were involved in at Regina: Student Government, Drama Club, Dance Team, National Honor Society

Higher education history:  Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University

What you’re doing now:  I was recently appointed Director, Program Management North America and Asia for HARMAN International’s Car Audio group.  Prior to this position, I was responsible for launching Revel audio systems in the 2017 Lincoln MKZ and new Lincoln Continental with HARMAN.  I also brought General Motor’s first diesel vehicle equipped with ADBlue technology to North America with another Tier 1 automotive supplier.  I spent a few years out of the automotive industry being responsible for bringing new home appliances and industrial equipment into the market as a program manager.  My job has taken me all over the world including a 4 year expat assignment in Germany with visits for business/pleasure in over 40 countries.  Aside from my job, I’m a happily married mother to two beautiful daughters, Leonie (4) and Simona (1). 

How Regina helped you to get there: My time at Regina provided a baseline for achievement and success.  Regina’s culture of focusing on academics while maintaining morality encouraged rigor, discipline, and open-mindedness.  The culture enables the creation of confident young women. When I was asked about my experience at a University where the ratio was 1 woman to 26 men after graduating from an all female high school, my consistent reply is that my experience at Regina is what has given me a sense of confidence that I’ve carried with me to this day. 



Amy Hepper Kucab

Regina Class of: 1997

What you were involved in at Regina: student council, swimming and diving, drama club, Powderpuff, class officer, co-valedictorian

Higher education history:  - Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Class of 2001

- MD, University of Michigan, Class of 2005

- Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residency, University of Michigan

What you’re doing now: Right now, I am a mom of three (I have 2.5 year old twin boys, and my daughter was just born 5 weeks ago), wife and doctor along with continuing to be a daughter, sister and granddaughter! I currently am at home on maternity leave but I work at the University of Michigan as a physician where my role has three parts: First, I work as a pediatric hospitalist at CS Mott Children's Hospital where I see children who need to be hospitalized for reasons that do not require a specialist to manage their care. For example, I see children with pneumonia, healthy newborns, and preemies who have graduated from the neonatal ICU but are not ready to go home yet. The second part of my job is as an internal medicine hospitalist, and I see patients in the medical short stay unit where patients who are expected to have a less than 48 hour stay in the hospital spend the night. And third, I work as an educator in the Medical School since 2015 where I teach "doctoring skills" to medical students. I was assigned 10 students from the class of 2019 that I have been working with every Thursday afternoon on communication skills, ethics, physical exam skills, as well as many of the other psychosocial aspects of medicine. I also get to work with third year medical students when they do their pediatric rotations! I love working with the students--they are one of the best parts of my job. 

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina really helped me in many ways that I can only now realize with the passage of time. First, I really gained a lot of confidence that I was smart enough to pursue my dreams and that I was capable of doing the hard work required to get there. Mrs. Robertson in AP America History was one of the most influential in this way, but all of my other AP teachers really taught me so well (English, calculus, etc). The classes and workload at Regina really taught me excellent study skills that allowed me to succeed in both college and medical school.  I learned that hard work is the most important thing for success! The second way that Regina helped me is the way it gave me an extremely sound foundation in ethics, and the Catholic viewpoint continues to influence me today in both my personal life and in my approach to my patients especially when discussing difficult situations at the end of life. Ironically, there is a strong Catholic presence in my partners in pediatric hospital medicine at the University of Michigan! One of my office mates even graduated from Dominican. Third, I really credit Regina (and my mom!) with my belief that women can do anything! The "all girl" atmosphere took away the pressure of competing against boys, and the uniforms even taught me that appearance isn't everything! 



Chiara C. Clayton 

Regina Class of: 1994

What you were involved in at Regina: I was in the choir, cheerleading, drama club, and Showboat 

Higher education history: I am a graduate of Oakland University with a B.A. in Communications and Public Relations 

What you’re doing now: I am currently the Community Outreach Specialist for ConcertoHealth Primary Care Services and also a professional vocalist with my own band Elevation. 

How Regina helped you to get there:​ Regina prepared me to feel strong and confident in my abilities and to be very well-rounded. Regina also gave me a a great foundation and excellent education to be able to have a successful adult life.  Lastly, Regina provided me my first opportunities to perform and develop my love of singing. Performing in Showboat and in plays like "Annie" and "Nunsense" are my favorite memories of high school! 



 Christine A. Pompa (Abuel)

Regina Class of: 1997

What you were involved in at Regina: Student Council, Drama Club, Foreign Language Club

Higher education history: Wayne State University (Biological Sciences)/DePaul University College of Law (Juris Doctor)

What you’re doing now: I am an intellectual property lawyer. I was a partner at an intellectual property boutique firm in Chicago. Recently, I became the senior patent counsel for the Kraft Heinz Company where I am responsible for managing the company's global patent portfolio and technology transactions. I am also the president of the Filipino American Lawyers Association of Chicago and on the Board of the Asian American Bar Association of Greater Chicago.

How Regina helped you to get there: Regina helped create a solid foundation of hard work and discipline. As a young woman, I was fortunate to be an environment that supported and encouraged intellect, hard work, and success. During my time at Regina, I also learned that being engaged in the community is another important part of my own personal fulfillment.



Rhonda Crittle

Regina Class of: 2006

What you were involved in at Regina: Track & Field, Lacrosse, Cross Country, National Honors Society, Senior Class President

Higher education history: Graduated from The George Washington University – Bachelors of Business Administration ’10 and Masters of Tourism Administration ‘11

What you’re doing now: I am the Area Director of Revenue Management for Kimpton Hotels in Phoenix and Sedona Arizona

How Regina helped you to get there:​ Graduating from Regina set me up to be the very best woman in business that I know how to be with integrity and compassion for others. My experiences at RHS taught me to make lasting connections with my peers.



 Anna Michele Bulszewicz

Regina Class of: 2003

What you were involved in at Regina: I was involved in a number of organizations and activities - most notably served as Student Council V.P. my junior year and Student Council President my senior year at Regina. I was also a Eucharistic Minister.

Higher education history: I attended St. Bonaventure University in New York and I earned a Journalism/Mass Communication degree. 

What you’re doing now: Currently I work and live in Coastal North Carolina: I am a top-rated ABC-FOX affiliated multi-media/broadcast journalist with an extensive skill set including results-driven managerial experience and senior level writing/social/communication abilities. I'm not just a "taking head." I've done nearly everything behind the scenes, including weather forecasting and present day I serve as my show's executive producer while operating as a solo LIVE anchor during a 3-hour breaking news show.

How Regina helped you to get there:​ To this very day, I credit Regina High School for my success. Attending an all-female, Catholic high school empowered me and reinforced my religious beliefs, morals and ethics. We were supportive of one another. We were friends and sisters. We were a family. The sisterhood that is Regina built up an unstoppable confidence within me. I have a "can-do" attitude because I was reminded, daily, that I CAN DO anything I put my heart and mind to. I can honestly say as a young woman, raised in a Catholic household, Regina reinforced what I knew to be true about my mission in this world. Kindness, gratitude and giving back, prime virtues of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis, are the magical keys to life. In return, I owe my success to my core beliefs and professional confidence reinforced through the sisterhood, education and religious teachings at Regina High School.




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