Academic Overview


Regina High School is proud to offer a wide range of curricular choices to challenge and nurture the interests of each one of our students. All students take a college preparatory curriculum designed to meet the requirements of the State of Michigan. The majority of our graduates go beyond these minimum entrance requirements, stretching themselves by taking a foreign language and higher-level subjects choosing from more than 100 courses, including 18 Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes, with additional online AP courses available.

By providing a proper intellectual climate, we seek to enable students to realize that the educational process is important not only because of what it contributes to students' career goals but also because of the value that it adds to the quality of their lives. The development of the mind and body is important and we concentrate on the care and development of both. 

CURRICULUM: All course offerings at Regina High School are reviewed and updated yearly to provide improved quality learning per State requirements and student needs. Guidance counselors, teachers, and parents/guardians help students in selecting courses for each school year.

The Curriculum Guide gives a description of each course's content and the credit it carries. Pre-requisites are strictly adhered to provide the student with the best possible means of obtaining a Regina High School diploma. Enrollment in an AP class requires a 3.14 accumulative G.P.A. and teacher recommendation.

GRADE LEVEL REQUIREMENTS/CLASS STATUS: At the end of each of the following grade levels (or after all summer school credits have been earned) a Regina student should have cumulatively earned the credits listed:

9th grade: 7 credits
11th grade: 7 credits
10th grade: 7 credits
12th grade: 6-7 credits
27 credits total

Senior students are required to take a minimum of six classes per semester. Students deficient in credits must be enrolled in summer school to make up the deficiency before the new school year begins.