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Our Mission

The purpose of the Regina High School Alumnae Association is to continue to make you feel at home at Regina. Whether you were a graduate from Harper Woods or Warren, the Regina Community hopes to always be your family. We aim to foster the young women and alumnae of Regina through our faith and actions. As the liaison between the alumnae and Regina High School, we work toward a lasting kinship within the community to strengthen the school with support and vision for the future.

Regina High School's Alumnae Association is blossoming into an active group of women that supports the creation of a strong and influential association. Through our monthly newsletters and the bi-annual publication of The Reginite, reunions, and events in and out of school, graduates will have many opportunities to stay connected with Regina. Keeping in touch with classmates at social, religious, and educational events not only renews old ties but opens the door to new friendships as well. We have added a full event calendar to our Alumnae Association activities and we encourage alumnae to become active on event committees, whether it's serving as a representative organizing class reunions or helping us gather donations for our Annual Christmas Party. We are always looking for alumnae to get involved! In addition to our events, the Alumnae Association holds a meeting once a month to discuss upcoming events and what more we can do as alumnae to help our current Saddlelites. The ties that the Alumnae create with our students today have a far-reaching impact and solidify the spirit of the Regina community. 

The Saddle News, published twice a year, brings you news about life at Regina. As you read through these publications, we hope that you will reconnect with your favorite memories from your years at Regina. You might recall your first day of Freshman Year and getting “stickered” by Student Council; choosing your class colors at Sophomore Day; having your new rings blessed Junior Year; and of course, running out with your team at Powderpuff your Senior Year. Additionally, in the fall of 2018, we published our new Alumnae-specific Newsletter, The Reginite,  to keep you current on not only life at Regina but also about members of the Alumnae Community. The publication includes features on successful alumnae and also updates on their personal and professional lives, such as engagements, graduations, birth announcements, etc. While reading these publications, you may feel 17 again, and decide to contact a former friend or teacher, consider attending a scheduled event, send us a message about yourself or drop by for a visit. We encourage you to contact the Alumnae Office to send in updates for upcoming publications.  

To receive these publications and other information from Regina, you can help us by being sure that we always have your current address, phone number, and e-mail address. To ensure your active role in the Alumnae Association, 2019-2020 Membership Dues are $25.00 ($15.00 for women over age 60). We also offer a Lifetime Association Membership for $250.00.

We will continue to build an association to benefit you personally in faith, vision, and loyalty.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions, comments, or ideas for alumnae activities!  


Emily Frikken, '09

Director of Alumnae Relations