Where are you located?
Regina High School is located in Warren, MI. The school is on Masonic
Blvd. which is off Schoenherr Road between 13 Mile and 14 Mile Roads.
Regina is two miles from Exit 24 on I-696.

Do I have to be Catholic to attend Regina High School?
While Regina High School is a Catholic school, we accept students of
all faiths. We seek students and families for whom a faith life and a
relationship with God are important. All students are required to take
Theology courses, attend all-school Masses, participate in grade-level
retreats, and perform community service.

What test score on the High School Placement Test is required for
We have no minimum required score and, in fact, every year we accept
students from both ends of the test score scale. Our admissions
team assesses students’ potential for success through middle school
transcripts and previous test scores.

Does Regina High School offer Financial Aid or Tuition Assistance?
Yes! We know that choosing Regina High School is a significant investment
for families and sometimes more than families can afford. In recent years,
Regina has provided more than $250,000 annually in tuition assistance
scholarships, with 42% of our families receiving some type of aid. Learn more here!